Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission

Wenatchee, Washington



The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, on behalf of the Pear Marketing Order #927,  is accepting pre-proposals for new funding consideration for the 2020 NW Pear Research Review. The Review will be held at the Yakima Convention Center February 20, 2020.

All pre-proposals must be submitted using this form which is located on this site:  https://treefruitresearch.com/proposals-reports/pre-proposal-instructions .   Review the instructions and complete the pre-proposal form and submit by the deadline date. NOTE:  Open the form using Safari or IE; it does not play well with Firefox, and remember that if you use blank lines, they are counted as characters which will reduce the amount you are able to write.  All submissions will be compiled and distributed to the pear research subcommittee for review and ranking. (Note: pre-proposal submissions are for new proposals only. Continuing and final reports do not require pre-proposal submission.) By December 20, researchers will be notified if they are invited to present their full proposal at the Review.

The pear research subcommittee has updated their research priority lists and is attached for reference.  Committee members will take this list into consideration when ranking pre-proposals.

Here are important dates to remember:

  1. Pre-proposals submission deadline: December 2 – 5:00pm PST
  2. Notification of invitation to submit a full proposal: December 20
  3. Deadline for submission of approved proposals plus continuing & final reports: January 30– 5:00pm PST
  4. PowerPoint show submission: February 14 - 5:00pm PST


If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Kathy Coffey, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (509)665-8271, ext. 2.